DOC Original Spare Parts is a locally well-known brand, but their image is rather outdated. The Consortium has therefore decided to revise its identity, both in visual and communicative terms, in order to give impetus and novelty to the brand which is a  consolidated reality in the automotive business of original spare parts. Dilemmi illustrated a restyling proposal, presenting a new perspective for DOC brand.
Who is DOC Ricambi Originali

Founded in 2005 from the desire of few local dealers in the province of Lecco, DOC Ricambi Originali today is a Consortium of over 80 car dealer entrepreneurs from the provinces of Lecco, Como, Sondrio, Monza Brianza and East Milan.

The main activity of DOC Ricambi Originali is the sales and distribution of original spare parts on account of every car dealer member of the Consortium.

What does DOC Ricambi Originali do

Over the years the constant turnover increase confirms the effectiveness of this business model. DOC’s main activity is to sell and distribute original spare parts on behalf of each individual dealer member. The activity is almost entirely handled by the Consortium, through the work of 11 commercial figures (Promoters), 21 drivers and 21 vans, delivering to 1,300 customers — local car mechanics and automotive body repair workshops distributed in the provinces of Lecco, Como, Sondrio, Monza Brianza and East Milan — the original spare parts of all the car manufacturers present in the region. The punctual and daily delivery organized in two time slots, the ingenious and innovative collection network, the IT innovation for tracking packages and other related services, show that this Consortium model is unique not only in Europe but probably one of the best performing in the world.


AsConAuto (Association of Car Dealers Consortium) was founded on September 7, 2001, with the purpose to unite all the forces of the different Consortium dealer groups towards a common goal, that is to increase sales of original parts and reduce fixed distribution costs. Each Consortium represents a part of the heart of AsConAuto, safeguarding the local identity and offering concrete support to the individual dealers. The main activity of AsConAuto Consortium is the sale and distribution of original spare parts of the associated dealerships to the car repairers of the network. The constant search for improvement has led AsConAuto to be a real point of reference, both nationally and internationally, related to the business model that is still unique today. The provision of services is central to AsConAuto’s activity: from the promotion of spare parts campaigns to the signing of agreements and conventions with market leaders, from consultancy and training, to dealerships’ warehouses to training activities in the network. All supported by constant and widespread communication and information activities.

26 Consortium
953 Dealers
95 Brands
1.845 Operating Offices
22.343 Car Repair Shops
96 Provinces
18 Regions

Current Brand Analysis
A whole new perspective

The vision highlights only the idea of ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS. The concept of CAR and AUTOMOTIVE is missing; DOC not only deals with the distribution of original spare parts, but also with all aspects related to the after-sales assistance. Another strong point that needs greater emphasis is the concept of “NETWORK”. In this case, the English language wording helps: as well as being more catchy and professional, it is also more concise and recognizable in its most common terms. Two different options worth considering.

Automotive Service Network

3 simple words that, in their absolute hermeticism, are able to express multiple concepts at the same time, bringing the perception of DOC brand into its true sphere of action: SERVICE in the automotive sector.

Automotive Original Parts

In this version, the AUTOMOTIVE category is directly associated with the ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS concept. Here the English wording adds professionalism and prestige. Compared to the previous case, the words are easy to understand, both in the B2B and B2C realities.

Brand Restyling — The icon par excellence

If we imagine a repair workshop, a mechanic or a car part, among the first pictures we can think of most certainly the wrench in one of them: a tool that has always had a decisive link with the automotive world. If we take the shape of this tool as a starting point, then naturally follow DOC lettering, without fail we can easily spot the sinuous shape of the wrench traced in the letter C itself of the brand.

DOC — Restyling

The perfect harmony with which this lettering is framed demonstrates its effectiveness: well-studied modules, balanced coherence both in proportions and in the overall dimensions: a natural dynamic symmetry that allows one to perceive a sinuous wrench in the letter C. Despite some slightly extreme variants, we can still remain in the soft restyling area: the dejavù effect can still be contemplated!